Pool Leagues

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We have 8 pool leagues around Northwest Ohio. See the organizational meetings schedule below.

2017-18 Regional Tournament Rules r4

Here are the updates to the Indiana State Tournament Rules:

The board approved the following regarding master classification. The following players will be classified as A players at the Indiana tournament:
• Ohio AA players
• Michigan Masters and Intermediate players
• Illinois ACS Master players
• Indiana ACS Master players

Players will not be put on the A list unless their performance at the Indiana tournament determines they should be, but will play in the A division as long as they remain on their states’ lists per above.

For parking:
• One pass per hotel room will be issued at no charge.
• Additional Event Passes are available ($30 for dart, $40 for pool). Passes are good for the entire tournament and one-day passes are not available. Passes will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.