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The Northwest Ohio Pool Players Association Board organizes and promotes our regional and invitational tournaments each year. For those tournaments to be successful, we need a lot of volunteers. Those volunteers are the backbone of our tournaments and without all of them, there would not be any tournaments.

We are getting ready for our 2020 tournament series now. We are reaching out to all of our pool players in all of our leagues. We need your help again this year filling many of the important positions to make this year’s tournaments even more successful than last year’s. These tournaments are for the enjoyment of all of our pool players and therefore we need participation from those same pool players to fill various positions during the tournaments. Don’t be bashful. If you have never helped run a tournament before, you are not alone. We will always schedule you to work with an experienced volunteer.

We need statisticians. You may or may not need to be operating our computer system but if you do, then you will be trained. We also need referees. Each referee will receive professional training. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually know the Valley rules and be able to make accurate calls at your pool league nights?

Thank you to everyone that is able to participate.


9-22-19 Association Meeting Minutes

9-22-19 Association Meeting Minutes

2018-19 Regional Rules

2018-19 Regional Rules

12-2 2018 Association Meeting Minutes

12-2 2018 Association Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2018 Association Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2017 Association Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2017 Association Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2016 NWOPPA Board Meeting Minutes

 May 7, 2016 NWOPPA Board Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2016 NWOPPA Board Meeting Minutes


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